Ravi's Professional History


I am a Data science, and Big data analytics professional in large online businesses. My in depth experience since 2003 spans three industries Mobile and Facebook Apps ( Million Levers, RockYou, Idle Games), Ad networks (Yahoo Search, Rock You), and Programatic Advertising (at Efficient Frontier).

My specialization is in first developing analytics to measure KPI, and creating a feedback loop to the product to optimize the KPI. 

The gain in KPI comes from a number of factors such as increasing Retention after user is acquired, lowering User acquisition costs by optimizing to monetization and retention, and increasing margins on Ad networks by optimizing traffic quality, as well as  faster iterations on manual processes.

For all my projects, I develop the concept from paper napkin to  initial working prototype. Sometimes I write code for version 1.0 before hiring the team that makes the project into an useful tool to run the business.

My projects in Apps and Mobile

Last year, I founded Million Levers to solve the customer retention problems I experienced in the prior 2 years in the Mobile Apps and gaming industry. Million Levers is a machine-learning service that continuously learns the behavior patterns of successfully retained users. Incoming players are monitored against the desired behavior and scored as “likelihood to be retained”. This score is used by the app to personalize content and differential pricing. This results in increased user retention. The increase monetization comes mainly from increased retention and to smaller extent from offering targeted promotions. One of the tops 10 IOS Apps is our paying customer. 

While Million Levers is focused on post user acquisition, my experience in gaming was on acquisition as measured by best retention.  Rock You  (500K DAU) created and led the monetization analytics team. As one of my responsibilities, I ran a $2M monthly budget campaign on Facebook Ads to acquire users. Our in-house techniques performed better than other commercial vendor tools, because we optimized to user retention and desired long term behavior, not just conversions. RockYou had a second business of running an ad network inside Facebook apps serving 1B impressions a day, and I was responsible for the profit margins of the network and profitably running house ads for our own games.

My projects in Web and Facebook

As one of the first engineers at Efficient Frontier, I created many optimization features for large e-commerce customers such as EBay with spends > $1 million a month. For smaller customers with small spend, I created a completely automated platform. This allowed Efficient Frontier to serve agencies with large number of small accounts, such as Reach Local. Private labeling of the product was necessary to enter Japan, but it was deemed impossible to train third party agency personnel on our complicated statistical system of optimization. I overcame this challenge by creating language-based controls such as “Willingness to risk exceeding the budget” and “relevance of past data to future”

Later, At Yahoo, I worked on search ads side. In particular, I productized two technologies created by Yahoo research. The first was creating verticals based on keywords common between sets of advertisers. The second was a linear program that rate limited budgeted advertisers to optimize revenue for the network. 

At Nominum, the largest DNS server, I implemented a  solution for the ISPs to monetize mistyped URLs, and prototyped a Quantcast type of analytics solution, using big data tools over the ISP log files.

For the first ten years (1992-2003) of my career, I was an engineer developing fault tolerant servers and routers. I am a graduate of IISc Bangalore and an MBA from Haas, UC Berkeley. 

 My resume in usual format is linkedin-ravijagannathan . ravi@bijlee.net  (408) LIV RAVI